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New England Portfolio Reviews

30 May 2013

Looking to get some feedback from professionals in the photography business? On June 7th and 8th you have that opportunity with the New England Portfolio Reviews. 

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The Inertia of the Fall

13 Dec 2012

Ronald Reagan ushered in a decade that had much to celebrate and even more to question. Beneath the neon pop distillation of the 1980′s that rears its questionably stylish head on Halloween, there is a much grittier underbelly that society would soon like to forget. An era rife with crime, drugs, gender equality issues, and laden with a seemingly insurmountable AIDs crisis that left many without friends, family and loved ones.

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At the Water's Edge

19 Sep 2012

You’ve seen his imagery before. Maybe in a museum, bar, college dorm, doctor’s office, or on the front of a greeting card. Unfortunately for me, Ansel Adam’s iconic images became such an omnipresent part of my visual landscape, that I found my eyes glazing over at even the thought of canyons, geisers and babbling brooks in greyscale. A condition caused by an inundation of imagery that led me to wonder if seeing his prints in a museum or gallery setting would warrant a second look-did this ennui have a cure? After spending an afternoon At The Water’s Edge, an exhibition comprised of over 100 famous and lesser known works by Adams at the Peabody Essex Museum(PEM), I think I have found the antidote.


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Visibly Moved: Berenice Abbotts, Photography, and Physics

30 Aug 2012

Dispatch by Christine Del Castillo

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Thoughts on the NEPR Showcase by Liz Devlin

17 Aug 2012
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My friends over at Photo Nights Boston have asked me to contribute to their PNB blog as the team starts ramping up for the launch of their public Arts initiative in 2013. I was given loose instructions to share things with PNB readers that interest me about photography(ers) in the Boston area–those are definitely parameters I think I can work with. Admittedly, I am somewhat of a photography novice and my technical skills are as far-reaching as choosing the best Instagram filter to capture the right ‘mood’ of my breakfast omelette. Valencia? or Hefe? Hefe. But, I hope to compensate for my inexperience in the field with an insatiable curiosity, countless questions, and a desire to uncover their answers with readers. I plan on interviewing photographers who inspire me, reflecting on do-not-miss exhibitions in the area, and demystifying a few of the many photographic techniques that leave me bewildered. For my inaugural post on PNB I wrote about my experience at the NEPR Showcase at Boston University’s Photographic Resource Center. Definitely a must-see for the image conscious crowd. Read more after the jump!

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Review: All Visual Boston Slideshow

31 Jul 2012

A Review by Caitie Moore

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