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The 5 Essential Items of the Wedding Photographer's Toolkit by Doug Levy

24 Jul 2013

Years ago, before I became a wedding photographer, I spent six years umpiring professional baseball. And toward the end of my career, when I was working at the AA level, many (most? that’s probably an overstatement), fans watching me work couldn’t have told the difference between my strike zone and a big league zone. Everything went smooth, no pitches in the dirt were called strikes, nothing down the middle a ball, and everyone went home happy. But on those other nights…those other nights are one of many reasons I would never have made it as a big leaguer. Those other nights I would have been the lead-in to SportsCenter.

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Why I Like Instagram

18 Jul 2013

Whether you love it or hate it, you can’t deny the incredible popularity of Instagram.  Some people criticize the photo (and now also video) editing and sharing application for giving people the notion that anyone can take a picture and add a filter and it qualifies as good photography. There is also the complaint that people will snap a picture of just about anything, add a filter, and upload it.  While I can understand these criticisms to a degree, I find –and I’m sure there are others who agree– that there is much more to love about Instagram than there is to hate.

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Griffin Museum Photo Summer Camp

31 May 2013

Attention parents of children in grades 1-9: Is your child showing interest in photography? Does your child show promise of being the next Ansel Adams? And now the real question: Are you looking for a way to make sure your kid isn’t home 24/7 now that school is ending for the summer? The Griffin Museum might be able to help you out!

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New England Portfolio Reviews

30 May 2013

Looking to get some feedback from professionals in the photography business? On June 7th and 8th you have that opportunity with the New England Portfolio Reviews. 

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Photography Atelier 17 at the Griffin Museum

21 Mar 2013

Hurry over! March 30th is your last chance to see Photography Atelier 17 on display at the Griffin Museum.

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When Is The Right Time To Go Full Time?

20 Feb 2013

When is the right time to go full time? It's a question I'm sure many aspiring photographers have contemplated. Let's be honest: photography can be an intimating career path with A LOT of different variables to consider. Our friends, Kate McElwee and Leah Haydock from Tips for Wedding Photographers, recently posted about how to know when to go full time with photography (specifically in this case with wedding photography). For anyone planning to go into the photography business, check out the article below which offers a lot of great tips and information to consider. We are lucky to feature Kate's work through out the post. Thanks, Kate!

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