22 Oct 2013

Create images that have impact, tell a story and capture the beauty of your life through Flow-tography. 

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Photorama Thank You

04 Oct 2013

Thanks to everyone who attended Photorama last night! It was amazing to see so many different groups of people – from commercial and fine art photographers to amateur photographers and photo enthusiasts – coming together through photography.

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03 Oct 2013

Happy Photorama! We’re looking forward to an awesome event tonight. Thanks to everyone who registered to our sold out event! With over 600 expected guests, here are a few things that you can do to make your night a success:

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The Robert Klein Gallery and Photorama

02 Oct 2013

As we continue highlighting our curators for Photorama, we are pleased to have Robert Klein up next. Founded in 1980, The Robert Klein Gallery has with a large, ever changing collection of photography and is the place in Boston to find masters of photography like Diane Arbus, Sally Manm and Bruce Davidson. Robert has an immense knowledge on photography and his staff is committed to being a resource for the community along with seasoned and novice collectors.

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The Griffin Museum and Photorama

01 Oct 2013

The Griffin Museum is a mainstay in the Boston photography world. With premier gallery shows, an active membership and a platform for talented artists, we’re lucky to have them call Boston home. We had the chance to catch up with Paula, executive director, and a curator for Photorama the other week.

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Digital Silver Imaging + Photorama

26 Sep 2013

Eric Luden believes in the power of the print. The Digital Silver Imaging founder and president reached out to Photo Nights Boston with the idea for all Photorama winners to receive a hard copy of their work. We were thrilled with Eric’s suggestion and even decided to feature these prints as part of Photorama. They will be hung during the live event and the winners will be able to take this piece of work home with them.

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Copying your way to originality

25 Sep 2013

Evolving your originality to a point of supreme confidence is a maddening journey that includes copying other peoples work. Which may, at first blush, seem slightly smarmy. But it's not, everyone starts this way.

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Jason Landry from The Panopticon Gallery

23 Sep 2013

Leading up to Photorama, we wanted to shine the light on each our curators. As influential members of the photo community, who believe passionately in image making, we are thrilled these folks agreed to be involved. They looked at every image submitted into our contest, no easy task! We are forever thankful for their help and guidance.  

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ASMP Partners with PNB

20 Sep 2013

The team at Photo Nights Boston could not be happier to partner with the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) for our October 3rd event, Photorama. ASMP will be presenting the Visionary Award to one talented photographer, selected by former ASMP President, Shawn Henry.

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ArtWeek selects Photo Nights Boston

18 Sep 2013

A creative take on the concept of Restaurant Week, ArtWeek is a collection of featured events that highlight the diversity of arts in Boston including dance, opera, music and, of course, photography. Already, ArtWeek has received tons of buzz with pieces in BostonInno, the Boston Globe’s Fall Arts Preview and MBTA turnstile ads in select T stations. As part of its launch this September, ArtWeek has selected Photorama as one of its curated events.

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